Steel Repairs


Why we continue to convert shipping containers?

According to the Self Storage Association ( a trade group charged with monitoring such things, the United Kingdom now possesses hundreds of personal storage sites. All this space is owned by independent operators what this actually translates into is the fact that self storage is booming, and the requirements are becoming more urgent as every day passes. Why? Well to be quite blunt reasons are many.

“The economy has reached an all time low and houses are being lost because people cannot pay mortgages. Many companies cannot continue to pay huge leasing costs and rates. People who want to become self employed but do not have huge working capital to start with are just a few samples of reasons and the list goes on”

The underline result is a continued need for self storage. Becoming a self storage operator is easier than you would think, because companies like ours do a big percentage of the work. If you would like to get involved in this multi – million pound industry of ours and need good sound advice you can talk to us. We have a proven track record and our clients continue to use our services week after week month after month. With this in mind read on …..

For your information: New and used steel shipping containers offered by are for sale to both private and commercial users for use as self-storage containers and export shipping.

Our containers have a wide variety of uses, such as: living space, secure data centres, generators, recording studios, military use or general storage containers for cars, books or documents, furniture, equestrian tack rooms, foodstuffs or refrigeration units and much more. An additional advantage is that they are fully transportable.We are the countries leading container conversion company.


With fully equipped vehicles, we can travel anywhere in the country to carry out any repairs, installation or conversions you need.

Above are some samples of the conversion projects we do. More photos available on out gallery page.