Second Hand Shipping Containers

The previous use of the containers from us will determine the condition. They should be offered in W/W (wind and watertight) condition, and be structurally sound. Always ask the age and condition of the container. If viewing before purchase, pay particular attention to the roof and doors, known weak areas.

The majority are of standard 8’6” height and much sought after. The 40’s, can also be 9’6” high. A conventional shipping container does not have a lock box fitted. Go to another one of our websites and we will supply and fit a lockbox which will considerably improve security. Do not attempt to use a container sold as a Storage Unit for Shipping Purposes as this can be a very expensive mistake.We offer nationwide surveys see our website

Always discuss the specific use for your container(s), as practical advice may identify points not considered.At all times refer to our websites or telephone us with questions or concerns you may have. Go to or call 02380 668660\ 07736328336